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is an Italian company that has been active in the Fashion Sector (clothing and accessories) since 2000 and is specialized in the purchase and distribution of:

- dead stock
- end of season stock
- special productions
(end of roll fabric,outlet productions, etc)

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  2. Strategy
  3. Customer
  4. Dimensions

how we manage merchandise

Goodfellas’ aim is to enable businesses to release their own surplus, establishing ourselves as a partner
with whom to plan lines, timescales and outlet markets.

This allows for the possibility of selling company stock whilst observing distribution strategies.

The main way of managing merchandise envisages using qualified representatives
operating at an international level.

sales strategy

The consolidated and strong relationships we have developed over time now allow us to set out with
our commercial partners the sales and distribution rules agreed with the Brand.

Furthermore, the negotiating power we have developed enables us to intervene physically in withdrawing merchandise
in the event of unexpected distribution problems.

The sales agreements we have established in over 15 years of operations enable us
to guarantee brands the inclusion or exclusion of specifc geographic areas.

Indeed, we are present in the Far East, Russia, the Middle East, North and South America
and are becoming increasingly more signifcant in North Africa.


Goodfellas is aimed at medium-sized and large businesses which would like to optimize the management of stockpiles of finished product
and raw materials (through their transformation) without misusing the channel in relation to
domestic outlets, while taking an international distribution into consideration in agreed and
verifiable geographic areas.

Our list of clients varies widely, is prestigious and includes one-off or ongoing contracts.

For this reason we prefer to provide further details of this at the point
of entering into discussions.

The list includes some of the most prestigious Made in Italy brands and the quality of the work
carried out is a testimony to business relationships spanning decades.


Goodfellas began operations in 2000.

The company, which is privately held and based in Italy, is now being developed across several sites totalling 8,000 m2
in the vicinity of the New Fiera Milano exhibition complex, in Milan.

With more than 40 staff, Goodfellas now shifts more than 600,000 items per year.


Woman and Man


Women and Men


Woman and Man

Worldwide fast delivery

We are able to deliver goods worldwide
in very short timing

tel. +39 02 93 90 62 50
fax: +39 02 93 90 62 58
Via Achille Grandi, 2
20017 Mazzo di Rho - Milano - Italy

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